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Ballet Cake Topper

I must confess...  I *LOVE* sharing how to make cake things with you:).  I believe the more we can learn from each other the better cake-making world we will be!   Here is our tutorial on how to make a pretty ballet pointe shoes cake topper... let's get started!   Materials Gumpaste in desired color (Pink for ballet shoes) Sugar Glue Small sharp knife Ballet Shoe Template Pearl Luster Dust (a must w/ pink) One bag of Cotton Balls Straight Edge (for shoe ribbons) Rotary Cutter Foam piece shaped narrower than the cut out KitchenAid pasta roller (attached to your blender)   Step 1.  Cut out your desired pattern. You can get our template here or make your own. Our template is...

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How to make a Lego Cake

So what kind of Lego builder are you? Do you build sets, take them apart and build them again? My daughter loves to do that. Or maybe you build them and since it took FOREVER you never take it apart and admire it forever. That is SO me! But this post is not about that kind of Lego building habits. THIS post is all about BUILDING a beautiful Lego cake and enjoying the yummy thing!:-D Let's dive in...   Key Materials 1. Marshmallow Fondant (MMF). In Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue (but OMG just imagine a pink, purple, and white block cake!! Sooo cute:-D) Make your own, there are a lot of simple recipes online!  Or use Wilton fondant in a pinch,...

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