Cake Cost Calculator

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Use this calculator to estimate the cost of your custom cake. This calculator estimates ingredient and labor cost based on design inputs.

About this Calculator

This calculator uses US dollars and average US prices to estimate cost. Based on the number of tiers selected, the calculator estimates the cost of cake ingredients, cake supplies (like boards and dowels), as well as time for baking and cleaning. Please note that this calculation does not include profit. Use the estimate cost, plus any desired profit, to determine your cake price.

Calculator assumptions are as follows:

  • Prep time for fillings and icings is 2 hours
  • Baking time is 2, 3, and 4 hours for respective tiers
  • Materials costs are $25, $35, $55 for respective tiers
  • Buttercream cost is $15, $25, and $45 for respective tiers
  • Fondant cost is $25, $35, and $55, for respective tiers
  • Each topper adds 3 hours of time and $6 of materials
  • Each design element adds 20 minutes for decorating
  • Each color adds 15 minutes for color mixing and preparation

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