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Fondant Modeling Tools (8 Pieces)Fondant Modeling Tools (8 Pieces)
Fondant SmootherFondant Smoother
Fondant Smoother
Sale price$3.00
Fondant Roller 9”Fondant Roller 9”
Fondant Roller 9”
Sale price$5.00
Silicone & Stainless Steel Tools (5 Pieces)Silicone & Stainless Steel Tools (5 Pieces)
Extruder for Gumpaste / FondantExtruder for Gumpaste / Fondant
Forming Cups Trio (3 sizes!)Forming Cups Trio (3 sizes!)
Striped Cake CombStriped Cake Comb
Striped Cake Comb
Sale price$4.00
Cake Decorating TurntableCake Decorating Turntable
Cake Decorating Turntable
Sale price$29.00
Bench ScraperBench Scraper
Bench Scraper
Sale price$5.00
Ateco SpatulaAteco Spatula
Ateco Spatula
Sale price$4.00
Drying and Forming Cup Quad (4 pieces)Drying and Forming Cup Quad (4 pieces)
Sharp 6" Bench ScraperSharp 6" Bench Scraper
Sharp 6" Bench Scraper
Sale price$5.00